DFID’s Research Strategy on Research Uptake

The true test of research is whether people use it – for reference, for influence, and most importantly, for change. DFID’s Research Strategy pledges to upscale its efforts to make research available, accessible, and useable through a range of means in order to increase the impact of research.

By 2010, nearly one-third of the total research budget is promised to these efforts. A Communications Working Paper describes in more detail the approaches to be used, and the results of the consultation which informed the strategy. The challenges to getting research into use are recognised, including the development community’s habit of overlooking ‘old’ research in favour of the new; practical barriers to accessing cutting-edge research for some researchers; and inadequate signposts to relevant research for those burdened by ‘information overload’. Listen here to Abigail Mulhall, DFID’s Communication Team Leader, on a new ‘Uptake Prize’ to help incentivise effective research communication.

To see a video of DFID’s Abigail Mulhall describing getting research into use, visit r4d.blip.tv/file/844924/