DFID Cuts Its Aid To Uganda


The junior minister in charge of Northern Uganda, Betty Otengo, told the committee that 38 billion shillings of the funds alleged to have been lost in financial scams in the office of the Prime Minister have since been refunded to foreign donors.

So far the government has refunded about 38 billion but when we go through you will discover where the money came from.

Otengo further revealed that The Department for International Development (DFID), a UK government department, becomes the latest international organization to withdraw financial support to the government of Uganda. DFID made that move last week.

What is my worry? My biggest worry is Northern Uganda Youth Development Center which was being supported by DFID. They have withdrawn,”

said Ms. Otengo.

The Norwegian government, Sweden and Germany had also initially withdrawn aid to Uganda but the European Union has since been reported to have resumed funding projects in the country. The backlash follows a series of revelations of alleged financial scams in the office of Prime Minister to the tune of billions of shillings. General Moses Ali together with seven other ministers from the Prime Minister’s office appeared before the parliamentary committee on presidential affairs.

Let me tell you that OPM was used to siphon money out of the government system. Some of the money was not even for OPM,

Ms. Otengo told the committee.

The MPs threatened never to allocate funds to the Prime Minister’s office until the stolen funds are recovered.

You carried your Permanent Secretary, in what capacity is he a permanent secretary or an interdicted permanent secretary?

one MP questioned.

They were all opposed to the quest for the allocation of more funds to the OPM.