Why Research in the Development of Athletic Footwear is Important

Athletic Footwear Research Development

For those of us who enjoy breaking a sweat on the treadmill or outdoors, there’s nothing us pleasant as the luxurious and soothing cushioning of a superbly designed pair of running shoes. It is as if the shoes tend to urge and cheer you on. With the reverberation of the generously padded inner soles coupled with the supportive effect of a well-placed tongue and bolstered uppers, it’s possible to spend hours on the track with the motion control and confidence of an Olympic medalist. Continue reading

Study Cases

This section describes how DFID research activities are making a difference.

South African Herpes Trial Shows Trust Key to Success

A trial of acyclovir treatment of genital herpes in South Africa has shown that it is crucial that participants have confidence in the team running the trial. (read more)

Putting child trafficking on the agenda in Haiti

human trafficking in haiti Continue reading

DFID Research Strategy Launch

DFID will spend around £1 billion over five years on development research. The Secretary of State for International Development Rt. Hon Douglas Alexander MP revealed details of priorities at the London launch on April 22nd 2008.

This is DFID’s first substantive five-year strategy for research. It broadens the portfolio of research from four to six major topics, putting research on climate change and growth centre-stage. The strategy also creates a new home for research on future challenges and opportunities, and continues to support research into governance in challenging environments. Continue reading