About DFID Research – Current Research Topics

Current Research Topics

Research Topics are the broad categories within which DFID currently funds research.

The Research Strategy 2008-2013 has identified six key research priorities for DFID:

  • Growth (including education and infrastructure)
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Health
  • Governance in Challenging Environments
  • Future Challenges and Opportunities

In order to deliver the goals of the research strategy we will need to continue to improve the capability of our developing country partners to carry out research and build on our work in research communication and uptake.

Over the coming months CRD will be looking at its future research programme in order to meet these priorities. The timing of research competitions and calls for proposals can be found in the Implementation Timetable. Calls will be highlighted on R4D and full details will be available on the DFID website.

DFID is not able to accept unsolicited requests for funding nor to accept Expressions of Interest in advance of the calls being made.

Current DFID research programmes are unaffected.